At the Salmon House we serve our fish with our homemade butter, handcut (double fried) fries and homemade coleslaw
We are take out only, however we do have a few seats in the shop, a picnic table in front and table and chairs down at the water where you can enjoy your lunch
We use canola oil

Fish n Chips n Slaw
Fish n Chips 2 piece Haddock fish n chips $10 1 piece $7
2 piece Salmon $11 1 piece $8
2 piece Pickerel $11 1 piece $8
7 piece Shrimp and chips $10
7 piece Scallops and chips $11
8 oz Clam strips and chips $9
Calamari and chips $11
Fish sandwich $7.50
Seafood Mixer $15.00